What do you think of the guys who?

really believe 100% in equality when it comes to hang out with a lady? I mean the guy like to split everything and share expenses. For instance if the first time you hang out with him he paid for both of us and you were the one who commutte to his town then the second date he said his time u invite but this time I go to your town. I mean everything for him it has to be shared. What do u thnk?

The first time the guy and I hang out he paid for dinner. This time we are going to the movies and dinner, so should I pay for both things? What is the corrrect thing to do? Because he even mention me in ateasing way ok u pay the movies and each one pay the meal unless u want to pay for the meal also. What should I pay?
Also should the second date could be for his upcoming bday?


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  • I think that is a good idea to share everything equally.

    • but is it true that when women talk about equality you take things literally?

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    • I would split bills rather than take turns paying.

    • Well he paid for the first date which was dinner we did not split bills

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  • What isn't literal about 'equality'? Did you think equality was, "We are equal in everything, which means you treat me like a princess?"

    The biggest question is whether or not *you* want equality, or if you want to be pampered and treated like a princess, be taken care of, and worshiped or share in a partnership.

    In my perspective, if a man is supposed to pay for everything and do everything for a woman, then that's pretty much prostitution, *in my book*--except, instead of paying for sex, you're paying for a *chance* of sex. If things are shared, then that shows a partnership, where both people are working and sharing life together. If the man takes care of everything, it shows that the dates are really solid sex interviews. Which they really are, but I find that concept distasteful. Thus the reason I incidentally refuse to ever play the dating game.

    That goes quadruple for first and second dates, where there is no guarantee you will click. He's supposed to pay for all your shit, as some random woman, just because you have a vagina? That's innately unequal. And hey. If that's what you're looking for, I'm sure there are plenty of guys who would be more than happy to play the 1950s man for you. The crazy thing is you don't have to play the 1950s woman. Equality, indeed. He probably paid for the first date, just because so many women expect it, and think that a man not paying for the first meal--even though she's a complete stranger, and I wonder exactly how many women just go on dates to get free meals, or chill at bars for free drinks, with no other intentions--means that he is some animalistic brute, or a disrespectful, selfish jerk (incidentally, what the woman is, in my opinion, if she expects a free meal, even when she doesn't know this person).

    Either you want chivalry or equality. You can't have both. So, figure out what you want.

    As for what I think of him, I think I respect him for standing up for what he believes, even at the risk of being viewed as a misogynist or general jerk, and losing a potential partner. He's being real, and I can respect that.

  • It is the 21st century I think whatever works for you guys is perfect especially since it seems equal

  • Welcome to modern feminism.

    • modern feminism why?

    • When the catch phrase is EQUALITY! Guys have a tendency to take things literally.

  • Sounds good sex should be fun 😉

    • Who said we are going to have sex? did I mention that?

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