Can someone assist me in this situation with this girl?

I have had a crush on this girl for about a month now. I first met her personally in my Physics class during late April/May. At first, I was a little shy to open up to her, but I came out of my shell and started talking with her some more. I don't usually do that. Well, long story short, I developed a crush on her. She's funny, attractive, and smart. Problem is, school's out for summer break and we're both leaving for college in autumn. I do not have her number, but we are friends on Facebook. Can someone please help me with this situation and what I can do? Thanks in advance :)


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  • Bro, you blew your chance as it's been some time since you met her and no number. You're beeting around the bush and being a nice, respectful friend. Man up, ask a cute girl you meet out on the spot for a date and then get the phone number. I'm done bashing now.

    Asking a girls phone number over facebook, even so late isn't ideal but if you can't wait get the number on facebook and only use it to call for a date. Phone is for making dates, not chit chatting.

  • well ur ahead of me... school ends in a couple days n i have neither... maybe ask her number over fb?