To buy a rose or not to buy a rose?

Ok, so there's a girl I've been talking to on and off the last 6 months. I'm HIV+ and she came with me to my last doctor appointment in January.

Last month we had a major falling out and after 3 weeks of not texting or calling her, she called me up and asked when my next doctors appointment is, saying she had promised me last time that she'd go with me to the next one. Taking this as a sign that she really does care about me after all, I told her when and she said she'd come

i bought her a thank you card as a way of showing my appreciation, as it means a lot she remembered my next appointment, nobody else has ever done that. I still have strong romantic feelings for her (she knows this, & she did too at one time) and I think she still does considering were on speaking terms again

i was thinking about buying a single rose to go with the card. But part of me thinks thats going overboard.

So do I buy the rose and give it to her or not?

It's worth noting that the week leading up to her calling me, she was liking everything I was posting on Facebook, including some song lyrics that were meant for her, she liked that post 4 days after it was posted, she was going through my Facebook keeping tabs on me


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  • YES BUY IT! :)

    • Should I buy a red rose pink or white? I feel like red would be too much

    • Try a white rose, it's the first rose of love.

    • sorry for being late. yeah red isn't ideal. hmm, i think pink is more casual than white, but yeah up to u. depends on what kinda message ur trying to send.

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  • This is a tough one, after all you guys been through and if it was me, I'd like a rose and think it was nice gesture. Bur with sone girls she might think your overdoing it. So let's play it safe with the card. Good luck ๐Ÿ‘.

    ~Sincerely Jude๐Ÿ’•


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  • Sure why not if she doesn't like it, it's not your fault.