How to get a date on a dating app?

How to have mote sucsess when it comes dating on dating apps and online sites?

I have had pretty much zero Luck and I know its partly my fault and I would like to know if there is anything I can do to change it.

I have signed up on pretty much any dating app there us. Right now im on badoo and I have had good Luck ragarding guys interessted in me. Im already very popular and have only had it for 2 days. Anyway, my problems are normally:

-guys I dont find attractive messages me
- guys I match with dont message me, but I know I should
- we talk for a while but ut stopp because it gets boring and we never meet
- the really cute guys live far away.. Seems like all the cute guys lives anywhere except from where I live

So advice om how to sucsessfully date somone from a app?, like actually meet?


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  • Well, The app is working fine, You're just being shallow and turning everyone down because they dont look good enough for you? there is nothing you can do here...

    • Pretty much everyone on a dating app is shallow because you "like" people only based on looks..

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    • No, I won't do that. Something I have learned about myself is that if a guy doesn't interest me in any way (especially looks) I make no to little effort to have a convo with him.. by responding to messages to guys I dont really find attractive will only leed them on, and I see no point in that

    • Seems a little Shallow, But, Whatever i guess.

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  • I want to ask you something, but I'm not sure if you'll let me.
    Could you send me a private message?

    • Just ask me here :)

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    • Why? There is very little info about me on it.. People that go on my profile can see my interests, my hight and body type and some other stuff

    • Well maybe it is the profile.. that it doesn't say that much about you? My sister registered on one and she's got a whole block of text on it

  • Lie like a rug


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  • Just start talking to any guy you find interesting. Most guys I've spoken to on dating apps say they don't get many messages so there is a high chance they would reply.

    • So I should do the numbers game? Just message as many guys as possible and hope for the best?

    • Yes. I live in a country full of creeps and went out with a decent guy and have plans to meet two more. So unless you literally live in the middle of nowhere you must be able to find someone. I've only used okc. Tried to sign up for pof but couldn't find an available username lol. Although you should remember not a lot of guys may be 10/10s. I'm not that worried about looks, just need the guy to be attractive to me.

    • Ok, I guess I could try :) im not looking for 10s either, I Just need to be attracted to him. by the way advice on how to keep convos going and when to ask guys to meet etc? I hate messaging people online if I have never met them before. . I guess thats one reason I "give up" so easly

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