Guys, how should I tell him that I miss him by text? Should I do that?

We've seen a couple of times, not in a relationship but we like each other. We live in different cities and out agenda is crazy so didn't see each other for a month. Now he is abroad for work again, how should I tell him that I miss him by text? And should I do that?

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  • You can, but, it's not really necessary. He probably knows you miss him, why say it?

    • What do u nean? U never say u miss somebody?

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    • pufffff, certainly some people act like you. But I don't like that tbh. I know this is his character and he seldom say touching words to anybody but I don't like it. He maybe miss me but if he never says that, I would think he doesn't like me anymore.

    • Again, it's about formality. He just doesn't like to say it. It shouldn't matter. You like each other, that's what counts, you're annoying me now, bye

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  • Why text. Call

  • Why not? - Might as well text him.

  • Just tell him
    If he's a friend, you can tell him that you're feeling so bored and would like to have him around right now...
    If you two are dating, just tell him you miss him

  • Dont make Hard approaches
    dont make him feels that he is responsible from now

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