Should guys with Asperger's who hate the game try Aspie dating sites?

I don't like:
-Mixed signals

Basically it should be like Sheldon Cooper's relationship agreement. "I like you", "Hey, I like you too". Everything should be literal and clear.


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  • Is there such a thing? Aspir dating sites? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Neurotypical people probably won't be able to respect your boundaries easily so it would be a good idea to go to a specialized forum.


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  • I doubt such sites even exists. I have asperger's and for me personally my condition has never been a problem with dating. You just got to learn how to handle intimacy if you want a healthy relationship, otherwise dating will be very hard for you. (Unless you're with another aspie)

    But anyways, do what you want if you can find any of these sites...

    • Were you formally diagnosed? I doubt it because the "hard to get" game is like a high school student doing Calculus 3.

    • I was diagnosed when I was 2 years old, for your information.

      And this "hard to get" game is not always going to be there when you want to date someone. Well, maybe because I've never had to experience it... or yet.
      It just depends on the girl you're seeking.

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