What happened?

I met a guy on a dating website. We texted back and forth for about a week and then went on a date.

Wednesday night- He took me to dinner and we got so caught up in conversation we missed the movie we were going to go see, so we drove around the city we were in for a while and then sat in a parking lot and talked until midnight. We kissed and parted ways. He left to go out of town with his family for the weekend the next day and texted me and sent pictures all weekend. He was really into me. Even though he was exhausted when he got home on Sunday, he asked me to go to a movie. We were running late, so I suggested we rent a movie and just watch it at his house, he agreed. We couldn't find a movie we wanted to rent so we just went back to his house and put in a movie. We ended up play fighting and wrestling on the floor for a while and that turned into us having great sex. He asked me to spend the night and I told him I couldn't because my dog was home alone. I went home and we texted and talked all week. That Friday night, he came and watched me play dodge ball and sat with a friend of mine while I played. We then came back to my house and wrestled and did the play fighting again and played with my dog. We watched a movie and went to bed. The next morning we went to breakfast. He had plans that night to go to a bar with some friends and invited me and some of my friends to go. I met him at the bar and met his friends. I got pretty drunk and so did he, we parted ways at the end of the night and then he started acting really distant the next day. We continued talking everyday through text as usual but I could tell something was different. He wasn't saying the cute things that he said before and wasn't acting the same. He asked me to come over the next friday night and I was sick, but still came over to hang out with him and I spent the night (notice we didn't have sex ever again). That Sunday, I went over to his house, still sick, but wanted to see him, we hung out and watched a movie and then I left. He was so distant, so I finally asked him what was going on, why he was being distant, he said he was just really busy. He became more distant, now keep in mind the entire time, he was still logging into the website we met on. I wouldn't get a text from him because he was busy yet he would be online. So I asked him what was going on and he said he has been really really busy-which is true he works full time, goes to college and has to do flying time, he has a pilots license and has to get hours to be hireable. I asked him if he wanted to do something that night (Friday) and he said he was just going to go home and crash, I text back OK, and then got a text from him 5 mins later that said "Maybe we should stop seeing each other while it is still early, I am not going to be able to be there for you much in the next five weeks and feelings are already hurt" I text him back and said if that is what you want, OK. my feeling are not hurt, well maybe

now, that things are possibly ending. he didn't text back. I called him a little later and he was at work and texted me back and said that he would call me after work. He never called. I quit texting him and then I texted him because I thought I left my r
ing at his house. He texted back and said that he would look for it, and then asked how I was. We started texting a little, but it was never the same, we still text each other now, but we never hang out at all, and sometimes he responds and other times


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  • Stop trying to contact him for a bit. I think something came up when you met the friends. Was something said or did someone drink too much? Often that's where disconnects happen. If he thinks his friends aren't into you then he might break it off?

    • Thank You, I haven't contacted him since Friday. How long should I avoid contact? I know that he did not like one of the girls I was with, and I should have been more clear, she was not really a friend, she was my hair stylist and wanted to go out with me that night. He and I discussed this and I thought things were ok, but they weren't

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  • It sounds like something went wrong when you went out for drinks? Dud someone do orsay something inapropriate? Did your own friends act crazy? Were youauper blasted drunk ? Not sure what it couldve been. It sounds like he does/ did like you but something came up to make him

    change his mind... Could be anything. I wouldn't contact himfor a while.