Should I invite him 100%?

There is a guy I like that we met 2 months ago and we already had gone to our first date two weeks ago. He paid the first date (although at first he was hesitant to do it so even hours prior to our meeting he said to me he did not have money like to pay for both but at the end he paid for both) and our first date in the original plan we were supposed to go to the movies but we could not so we just arranged days before to go and eat something at some restaurant and after that we went to a park and talk for several hours and we made out at the end. I went to his town for that first date he did not pick me up where I live, because we do not live that close, he picked me up at my sister’s house that live in a town near where he lives. Now we are planning our second date and this time and I did not even tell him that he needed to pick me up this time, he told me and I did not even mention him anything that this time he will come to my town and pick me up and we agree going out this time but this time it be my treat and invite like he suggested days before when we were texting and I agree, he made sure it was going to be that way, we both arrange on that. In this case what it will be the right thing to do?

We talked about it last nite over text and he told me. “We could go to the movies, each one pay our own tickets but then you invite for the dinner afterwards”.

As we were texting I told him that we could go out for his birthday and then immediately he brought this very open and forward: “ So if that is the case, you will have to pay for everything LOL!!! (movies and meals). He has some particular tastes because I even joked him about going to Mcdonalds if Im the one paying for the meal and he asked me that if I was being serious cause he does not like junk food and he won't go out in that case. Im guessing that eating at Mac is a very simple meal and he likes a more prepared healthy dishes.

Of course when I told him about Mac I was joking but I know now his reaction towards junk food. I don’t know if as people age we get pickier on things. We are in our 40’s.
It never crossed my mind when I told him I invite him for his bday that indeed I will have to invite him for everything so there will be 2 expenses on my account, his and mine.

So what will be the right thing to do this time:
1. We each pay for the movie tickets and I pay for his dinner and mine but it will have to be at another time not during his bday week.
2. Or I pay for everything for both of us if we go during his bday week or even another week but since it is to celebrate his bday still I have to pay for everything.
Note: the movie tickets where I live are cheaper than in the USA. Each movie ticket here may cost around $6 or $7.


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  • Sure why not?

    • Let me finish my post.

      I mean I now can't take it back that I already mentioned him that we could go out for his bday week and that is where he says if that will be the case I have to invite him for all. If I tell him for example that I won't pay for all so we better go out another time not during his bday week so we each one pay for the movie ticket but I will do invite him for the meal, he will think Im not a lady of my word and very impolite, irresponsible of my promises since we are not teenagers we are in our mids 40’s.
      This guy clearly lives in modern times now that I am getting to know him just a bit more because I am thinking he is those guys who like to share and split expenses of everything when he hangs out with friends everything have to be in equals rations or parts, like taking turns.
      What should I say and do?
      P. D I feel like giving him a bday present should I? The present I have in mind since he is into training and sports are some weight lifting gloves or with the mea

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    • He asked me what i dream about him hehe

    • I wish you the best

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  • So what's the issue? The money thing? Because both of you seem sort of stingy in regards to that...

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