Should I see him tonight or not?

I've been casually seeing this boy for nine months now. We hooked up one night and ever since he'd initiate to see me 2-3 times a month. We just hook up, and now we talk a little much and stuff. Otherwise nothings really progressed. We have quite a lot in common and went to this event together, which he asked me to go to with him. I know he really wanted me to go with him so I made the effort and everything. Everything went really well and we had a great time. But afterwards I was expecting to see him the next week which he didn't even contact me.. and finally the other day asking if I was free tomorrow... I told him no because I'm working that night. And he was like aw okay and to let him know when I'm free.

So today around 2pm I told him I'm not working tonight and he can comer over. I wasn't hearing back so I remebered this other cute guy that wanted to hang out and hook up, so I msged him. Anyways, the guy finally called me 2 hrs later when he was finishing work and told me he can but it would have to be later like after 10pm cause he has "something" beforehand.. I told him I don't know if that's gonna work and since he wasn't replying I asked another friend to hang out, who I didn't hear from yet. Then he explained how he was workign and couldn't reply right away, as if he should be the priority. I told him well I don't know and I'll find out later if I can see him. I was pretty dry throughout the convo and hung up. In my head I was like why doesn't he cancel his plans to see me, but he bugs me saying he should be a "priority". I know he's waiting for a call back but.. I'm not sure if I should puposely not see him tonight or if I'm overreacting. I haven't heard from the 2nd guy yet. Advice?


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  • see him hec yah

    • Yeah but I'm thinking from his plans tonight that he's gonna be seeing some other chick and coming to see me after. I didn't ask him but I feel like it is.. :(

  • If you like him and only interested in casual then yes. Otherwise no.


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