How to be cute and orginal on a message?

Advice on how to me cute and orginal on a dating app? So there is a a cute russian guy in my city and we liked eacother on this dating app... this happened two days ago and he hasn't messaged me yet.. so i thought i would have a go... So anything i can say that would make him want to get to know me? Im terrbible at flirting and just in general talking to people online unless i already know them..


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  • Hey cutie ;)

    • and then write what? lol its easy to say hi and stuff, but would it be weird if i pretty much tell him i hate talking online and want to get him in person straight away?

    • If he is interested he will respond to 'hi'

      If he's not. He won't. If he does respond write what you just said. Don't some off as strong.