Would girls stop playing hard to get if the guy told you "I have Asperger's."?

As in "I hate these games, just cut the chase". I simply don't know what to say or do when a girl does that. Social proof doesn't work for my condition.

4 years of watching Letterman didn't make me a funnier person. Most people still think I talk lame even though I'm confident. All my jokes suck.


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  • I wish a girl would just let me know too like i hate mixed signals cause i can't understand them


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  • Even people without Aspergers dislike dating games. Don't feel bad. Just tell people you're an up front person who doesn't play games. So they can mosey right on if they don't like it.

    Maybe letterman jokes aren't your style? Try some new content and see if it fits any better


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  • "All my jokes suck."

    I feel you brother, but as long as you think it's funny, that's all that matters!

  • Do you also sort of feel like anything you say, sounds good at first, but then you think "oh, right, she could take it that way and that wouldn't be good"? I have Aspergers too, and I'm always questioning the things I say to a girl

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