My boyfriend's housemate doesn't want me in their house?

My boyfriend's housemate doesn't like to see me for some reason I not know of, and don't want me to come to their home anymore. Me and my boyfriend go to his home sometimes. I stayed there overnight with my boyfriend sometimes. In my opinion, I can be in my boyfriend's home because it's his home and I'm his girlfriend. However, I think it does make sense that it's also his house, they both pay, so he might have the right to tell me not to come there. What do you guys think about this situation? Who's right and what to do? I live with my parents so he can't come here. His housemate doesn't have a girlfriend by the way so he never bring a girl home. He used to but they already broke up.


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  • i guess u should tell yer boyfriend 2 tell his housemate 2 mind his own business... no?

    • I did, but they are good friends he doesn't want to get in trouble with his housemate who's also his good friend...

  • Roommate/s should sacrifice, when other roommate has chance of getting laid.

    That roommate has defied the 'Bro Code'.

    For real... that guy is being a mean ass.

    • Also, he told my boyfriend he felt like my boyfriend betrays him after we are together as in my boyfriend used to hang out with him often now not that often because he hangs out with me :/

    • Your boy should talk to his roommate and clarify things. This roommate doesn't sound mature and sensible.

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