She is a beautiful girl, there is strong mutual attraction, but we are diametrically opposed on the BIG issues. What would you do?

So I met this girl and fell in love. We disagree on the big issues such as religion and politics but strangely have a deep connection and have a lot in common.
She is a Liberal Anthropology Major from New York, I am a Conservative entrepreneur from the American South.
She is non religious, I am an evengelical Christian. She has a sexually promiscuous past. I am saving sex for marriage.
We met at the State Fair in Florida (no joke!) We went out a few times, but I am holding back on pursuing a more serious relationship due to our differences.

John Lennon famously wrote/sang.
"All you need is LOVE.
There's nothing you can do that can't be done
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game"

My question for you: can love overcome ALL? Or are there some differences that just cannot work in a relationship?


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  • I an sorry but the big issues are really big.

    Disagree to what degree? Do you get into arguments?
    Do you feel pissed or annoyed when you hear her part?

    Are you super conservative? Will she find you controlling?

    • Same goes for her. Are you okay with her having girls night out? (If she is into clubbing or etc) are you okay with those?

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    • You're supposed to be sharing your opinion, not asking more questions.. haha joking.. Those are things that need to be considered and frankly do not know the answers to yet. She is interested in Christianity but I wouldn't want her to make a big decision to please me, it has to be genuine. so I don't pressure her.

    • Lol sorry. I wanted you to look at things that you might miss.

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  • Yeah, you guys seem like polar opposites. It's probably not going to work out well so I would just save myself a WHOLE lot of time, if I were you.

  • Itd work if you're both willing to sacrifice and compromise
    just don't talk about politics
    if she won't wait to have sex till marriage then she's not worth it
    don't pressure her into your religion but don't let her stop you from practicing your religion


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  • >Liberal Anthropology Major

    Not worth it. I tried dating an anthro major and she was just the literal definition of insanity.

    I felt connected to her as well. Do yourself a favor and don't bother with her

  • If you disagree on that many issues and still feel as if you love her AND you haven't had sex with her, then it sounds to me like you've found your match be a bit wary but go ahead. Good luck with her;)

    • If you guys both realize you can disagree without arguing, and realize how smart the other is, you have a great chance. Follow your heart dude

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