How do I deal with a guy I'm dating who always calls me "weird"?

I am very unique, this is true. However, he has called me weird almost from day one and it's not in a joking way - it's in a half-joking, mind-game type way which leaves me speechless everytime. He does weird things then when I react I'm called weird or strange. He called me the other day to say he was going to stop by real quick, not to come in though. I'm in the parking lot smoking a cig as he walks up and he says "what are you doing out here?" "lolwut?" "what are you hiding" "wtf? You sound like a crazy person", then he grabs me a kisses me and walks off saying "I gotta go. I just wanted to stop by." HUH? I texted him saying "lol you're funny :)" "ok". OH, fuck off then.

Today he asked on the phone if I even like him because I'm so weird and hard to read, so he brings up how I called him crazy for stopping by. I was like "NOPE!!! I said you sound like a crazy person by asking what I was hiding." What is up with this dude? He likes me a lot I guess but I can't stand this shit and him always referring to my "other boyfriend" (not that he's even my boyfriend..) when I don't even fucking have one... yet, he's the one who still has a lease with his crazy ex for another 2 months - I was positive it was 1, but I'm the weird one.

Please, can you offer anything? How should I talk about this to him? I feel like this is borderline emotional abuse in the making. I'm different but not "weird" or "strange" and I certainly don't appreciate that shit after 20 million questions about why I did this or that. Sorry for ranting...


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  • He sounds obsessed with you. Not sure if that's a positive or a negative thing... It depends on your taste.


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  • You dump him - what a totally normal thing to do to unsupportive BFs.

    • I hear ya... I've been thinking about it big time, but I had to make sure I wasn't jumping the gun. Thank you.

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