It's been about 2 years since he told me had feelings for me. Could he still have feelings for me?

I have a friend who I've known about four years. A few years ago he said he had feelings for me. I said I had previously liked him, but at that time i saw us more as just friends. We kept in touch very close, until I got into a relationship and my partner got in the way of the friendship, I wasn't allowed to see him or talk as often.

I've now ended that relationship, started talking to my friend again and we've been having long text conversations just like we used to. Its been really fun, and I think we're both enjoying the conversation. We haven't met for lunch or anything yet, but I'd like to in the near future.

Its been about 2 years since he told me had feelings for me. Do you think I could still have a chance with him now?


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  • You definitely friend zoned him a few years ago. But he may be not interested at you anymore. But we'll see.
    Solution: Reach out to him more, and see what he'll do. Does he instantly set up a date? OR does he say he's busy? It tells you frankly how his interest level towards you.

    • I'm scared I'll read him wrong. I never guess in a million years he was interested in me before and he's so friendly and polite to his (many) female friends. He's so obliging. How can I tell?

    • if he teases you, make some sexual jokes or trying to kiss you (A BIG ONE) when the moment's there, then you can tell he's clearly interested. Other than that, flirting or making jokes around women are quite common.

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  • Yes I would guess that you definitely have a chance with him, but I'm guessing you are going to have to make the first move/show interest in him.

    • Yes, I thought so too. He's not going to put himself out there again haha

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  • Tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels. Don't push anything on him though. Meet him for lunch or dinner or whatever and spill the beans and your thoughts. :)

  • Sure, why not? Doesn't hurt to try.