Think communication will improve once we become bf/gf?

Been talking for a few months. She has been so hurt in the past that she is wary of guys who pursue her, so we are taking it slow. She's admired that 1. She is a poor communicator. 2. She is used to guys flaking. 3. She wants to been seen as a challenge, not just something easy. 4. She has been so hurt before that she is afraid to become close again so she wants to take it slow.

We text daily. But it isn't to the point that I'm happy with. We have discussed this and seen improvements. But do you think once I show her I'm worth it and we do become official she may open up more and communicate more?


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  • She needs to be willing and actually try to improve her communication skills.

    If she is expecting it to happen naturally... not gonna happen.

    If she is expecting the same thing as you... which is once you prove her you are worth it she will communicate better... not gonna happen... unless she makes /gets herself to communicate better.


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  • I think she would. But it's just going to take patience on your part. Once she trusts you, she'll open up.

  • Yeah I'd say so. But trust is a major factor in that. Not just to trust you physically but emotionally for the most part. Sounds like she needs to be able to feel emotionally secure. Make sure you're there for her whenever she needs someone. Try not to put her off when she needs you. Also, don't be annoying about it. I know this from being a girl like that. These are the things I'd want from a guy.

    • She hasn't been reaching out a whole lot. she's is kind of the stubborn independent type. So I do more of the initiating now. I kinda wish she came to me with more things..
      I'm just gona continue to make contact with her and try to sweep her off her feet every once in awhile.

    • If you see she's upset ask her about it, if she's not the type to tell you.

  • No. If there's a problem now, there will be a problem later.

    • That's what I am worried about. But I'm also hoping that if I am patient enough and win her over that she might want to communicate more than she is now.

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