Got to college, love life is still awkward?

I'm a freshman in college and in one of my classes my first semester there was one guy who always kept glancing over at me at least five times a class period. I would shoot him smiles and he would blush and look away. He sat in a row in front of me, so it was obvious that he was interested in me. Unfortunatley, it was a class where the professor had assigned seats so he could remember out names.

It's second semester now and since that class, I haven't seen him since. How do I get him off my mind? Or maybe was he never into me?


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  • You find another guy or try to distract yourself


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  • Are you acquainted with people who talk to him?

    • I'm friends with a girl who is friend's with his older brother. Probably not close enough to him though..

    • Use her in order to hang out together.

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