Is she interested in me?

A shy girl I have known of for just over a year and a half has always been shy around me and would only ever smile at me as we passed each other and would occasionally ask me how I was and that was the end of the discussion. She never had any problems talking to other guys and girls and she called me sweet once when we were in a group. I asked her out last year and she was said she was too busy, she was entering her final year of University and told one of my friends that she didn't have time for a boyfriend when he asked her. I left her be and never bothered with her but remained polite to her.

Over the last week we have started speaking a lot more like having full blown conversations and her smile to me has changed she is now showing her teeth and I was laughing about something today and she was in my vicinity and started laughing too and later came over to me to tell me how much I made her laugh


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  • Who cares if she's interested in you? You handled rejection before and you survived didn't you? Give her the chance to go on a date with you. It'd be selfish not to. (Well not really).

    • Rejection stings bro.

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    • Don't let yourself become so cynical that you lose your ability to genuinely connect.

      This story sounds the closest to how a normal girl might behave. There doesn't seem to be too much mind games. You're not friendzoned. It seems like you two like each other. If it's possible that a girl can say no because she was busy with life and then say yes later, this would be the situation. It seems to me that the PUA stuff would only over analyze and only serve to pysche yourself out.

      Unless there's stuff you're not telling us.

      But if you only asked her out one time before, and you are sure she's actually a quiet shy girl, and not quiet sexy girl. I'd say go ahead and just ask her out. If she says no twice that'd be a learning experience and THEN you can become the super jaded cynical PUA that I am.

      Honestly it seems like all the PUA seduction stuff would just be unnecessary gamesmanship for now.

    • I understand.

      I have told you everything and it's all honest and truthful.

      I will ask her out a second and final time. Thank you.

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  • She feels uncomfortable around you.


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