Girls, If a guy messaged you every now and then asking to hang out what would you do?

So a guy keeps asking nicely by text, facebook messages if you would like to hang out but you do not really like this guy. You do not want to be rude and say no so you reply that you are busy. What would you do if he kept asking but not that often, but once every 2 weeks? would you keep saying you are busy, would you just hang out or would you tell him you don't want to hang out?

You are in the same class but almost never talk because the class is so big

  • Keep saying you are busy
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  • Go out at least once or twice even though you don't want to
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  • Reply that you do not like him and don't want to hang out
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  • Ignore the messages
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  • other
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  • I said A. But if you want to turn this around,

    (1) Stop asking her if she wants to hang out cold turkey
    (2) Be polite to her, go to parties where everyone is there and act as friendly to her as any other girl in the class (she'll start to feel less special because you're giving your attention to others)
    (3) Approach her later on with a neutral question about something related to what you guys are studying. And DO YOUR HOMEWORK on her - talk for a while about that boring homework shit, and then start to end the conversation... but ask her about something she's super into. For example..."oh thanks for your insight on the homework.. What are you into on the weekend? I hear there's a concert for ****** going on." And this is not you asking her on a date, but just getting her to open up on who she's interested in. And when a couple months role by and that concert pops up... you're amazing for remembering she likes that group... it's very seductive for a guy to remember things like that.

    Also note, a couple months don't have to go by... you can get her with sweet gestures as long as you find out and remember details of the things that make her feel the most comfortable


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  • I'd keep telling him I'm busy and will hope he gets the message. Chances that I will lash out and say "I'm not interested" is low because there's no sure fire way I'd even be able to know that he wants to see me cause he likes me. So it's too risky for me to say something negative. I can't ignore someone either and I wouldn't go somewhere if I didn't feel like it.

  • I will be honest about don't see him more than a friend and if that's fine with him I will still go and hang out with him as a friend. Assuming I do like him as a platonic friend here

  • If I didn't want to hang out with him I would tell him, not keep beating around the bush

  • If im not into the guy, i guess it's A or i'd tell him i will let him know until it'll be forgotten lol

  • It's either C or B. Most likely C, I'm an honest person, when I want to. :)