Should I send him a friend request on Facebook?

There is this guy, let's call him Alex (it's not his real name).
Alex is going to be in my school next year. He is really good-looking and all the girls are cruhing on him (I am guilty of being one of them). Most of us have mutual friends with him, me included.
Now, he has been to our school two times. First was when all of us girls layed our eyes on him and second was a couple days ago when he was visiting and we freaked out.
Anyhow, I can say that I am one of the couple girl from our school who have talked to him. The second time he was in our school, I sucked it up and introduced myself in what seemed like a very awkward conversation. In my defense he is hot and it is intimidating.
Now comes the part where I have to take some crucial steps. Should I add him on Facebook? We have four mutual friends, 3 guys and 1 girl on Facebook, and this girl doesn't even like him. They met during horse riding or something.
One of he guys is someone he has added after his second visit to our school, but like they played basketball together for a bit. (Unlike Alex and that other guy, Alex and I only had a small awkward conversation.)
I would have waited for Alex to send me a request but my real name is very hard to remember and A LOT of people don't catch my name in first meeting, so there is a big chance that he doesn't know my name.
Should I add him or should I wait until he comes to my school in September? Also remember that the first time I met him was a couple days ago and we had a very awkward conversation. Oh and I really would like if Alex and I potentially become close friends, if not more than that.

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There is a chance he might not remember me.


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  • It will be to late if u wait. Try to bag this dude soon

    • That' what most people are telling me but what if he doesn't remember me at all and just ignores my request.

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    • Thanks for your advice.

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Just do it. No reason not to.

    • I feel like I should really update this. Ummm... I actually ended up doing it and let's just say it wasn't that good of an idea. Lol. But thanks for the help anyway.

  • Send him a friend request.

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