Was he crazy or did he mean all that he said?

Ok... I met this guy off tinder and we hit it off instantly. He texted me the next day and said he was deleting tinder because he likes me so much. Long story short after a week of texting and talking non stop he told me he loved me! AHHHH... I believe it takes way more time than that to love someone so I was weary of it. He would text me things like we are soulmates, you're perfect, I love you, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. He came on SUPER STRONG at first. Well, one night he met me out at a bar and when he showed up he was pissed for no reason. He was mad I was talking to a guy friend of mine and my roommate had left me which he said pissed him off? Just the way he was coming off was a little insane and scary so I told him I felt that way and he freaked out on me only to apologize later. Anyway after that he was a little more stand offish, telling me he was just giving me time to figure out what I wanted cause he knew he wanted me. Then a couple days later he said I dont think I can do this... I love you but the things you said to me the other night hurt me. THen he goes... again, you're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I really do love you but I can't be hurt this way and then we just stopped talking?

I just don't know if he had some problems or what the hell to make of this? Help!


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  • Do u have ur running shoes on i hope? He sounds violent with anger issues, prob. Not a good combo. I would steer clear of this nut. Said i love u after a couple wks on tinder! Who does that? Ill tell u who, people who are nuts and prob. Rapists and serial killers.


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  • Ask him if there is something he is dealing with that makes him act like this. But if this is just his personality I think its best u stay away from him for ur own safety..