What I do at this point?

Okay so I finally talked to my crush and after a little why she said yeah to hanging out and after that I don't know what to say anymore so I feel I'm going in circles with the same conversations and I don't know what to say maybe I should ask her for her number or flirt a little by calling her cute and stuff? I don't know I just need advice


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  • Find something you guys have in common. If you both like playing football, talk about football and go from there. You need to have a few things in common with her to make things last. Girls usually enjoy talking about themselves, so
    ask her questions. Get to know her. If she's not asking you questions back, she's probably not interested. Don't call her cute or be flirty like that just yet. It'll come off as creepy. Just grow your friendship and if things are going well, take her on a real date. You can be flirty then and ask for her number at that point.

    • *when you wish you read this before calling her cute*

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  • It's your life, do whatever the hell your brain tells you to. Unless you have problems and if it's bad then don't do it


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  • Be yourself, talk to them as you would talk to a friend
    In a date you never know how it will go. You don't know how to conversation will go, so memorizing a script won't do much help
    maybe to get you started, but not much more... just go with it

  • Did you hang out?

    • Not yet, she said next week we can hang out

    • Your next step is to set up the date/hang out. I wouldn't get too chatty with the phone. I mean you need the number if you're going to set something up but if you keep the small talk to a minimum you'll have a bunch of things to say in person. Good luck!