Am I out of line asking him to delete her?

The person I am currently dating, we have been together for four months... Casually dating in the beginning for about a month. During a weekend trip, I asked him if has been sleeping with anyone or seeing any besides me, he responded yes. He had been talking to and slept with his ex. Even told her he loved her... I couldn't be mad compeltely because we were just casually seeing eachother. The next day we discussed our relationship and we made a commitment to one another and became exclusive. Great. I woke up the following morning to a text asking me to come over because we needed to talk. He told me that they were texting and she was sending him sexy snaps and he told her she was a tease yada yada... Ultimately, he went over there to be with her. He says they didn't have sex... that it turned into an argument and he left. Asked me for forgiveness and I stayed after a long talk with him and a little break.

here's the delima now and why I asked for her to be deleted.
We are four months into our relationship. He really hurt me when not even 24hrs after comitting to "us", he went to his ex. Perhaps poor judgement on my end getting back with him but that is besides the point. We have really grown closer and recently I saw he like her IG picture. The thought of her, her name, her face... it brings up feelings and memories of what happened and how hurt I was. He states that he can keep her on IG because he can. Simple as that. & if she ever wanted to be friends later on he could be friends with her. That I need to trust him...

Is it wrong for me to feel like my feelings are being totally overlooked here? Is it wrong to ask/expect he would delete her for respect of our relationship and my feelings? This will continue being a problem in my eyes... every time she texts him randomly, he likes a picture or she likes his. I hate social media.


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  • well technically he is on strike 1. 2 more strikes and he is out according to the rules of baseball. but perhaps don't go further than strike 2 lol.

    • also, social media is fucking retarded. it creates problems that are never even there to begin with. fucking retarded.

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  • I think it's wrong that you are still with this guy. If he is going to see his ex there is a very good chance that he is still attached to her. He also is clearly showing you that he does not care about your feelings by keeping in contact with her "because he can."

    • Exactly! I just wanted to confirm that I am not crazy thinking that this relationship isn't going to work if he is attached to her or cannot let her go.

    • Which he denys all the above. smh

  • u r not official right?

    seems like he wants 2 gt back 2 her...

    • He asked me to tell my mother, which I did Tuesday, to become official openly. Still, he states that he doesn't want anyone but me and is talking about how he wants forever with me.

    • weird... :|

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  • ... his will continue to be a problem in my eyes...
    And mine as well here, dear. It's Obvious that he still has feelings for her, that you are just a Rebound Rebecca and 'We had made a commitment to one another and became exclusive,' his actions are speaking much too much louder than his words that he can't seem to really mean at that moment.
    He is hooked on the past and it's quite clear too, that he wants his sweet cake and it Two. He is telling you, without hymning nor hawing that he can 'Keep her on IG' and also for future reference... He could be friends with her.
    No, don't Trust him. He can never have a relationship with you as long as he keeps in touch with her and keeps this skeleton in the closet that will always haunt you and.. Rattle your chains.
    It's not even a matter of 'Social media,' it's the point that I get the Picture and you should too. Have along serious talk with him. Tell him you are Not going to play second fiddle with this ghost of the past who always makes her presence known because... He can.
    Simple as that.
    Good luck. xx