Do you think she likes me/wants to date me (Please read the convo below)?

Me: Hey... wassup?

Her: Hi how have u been?

Me: you tell, I asked you first :P I'm mostly sad these days since I graduated

Her: haha i've nothing to do
whats ur future plan? :D

Me: you seem proud of it... that sucks lol jk I'm pretty much jobless too
from student to unemployed in a week :D

Her: wow! finding a job are u?

Me: lol why so surprised? I'll be interning in another law firm in July (story of my life) and have some interviews and exams this month, so lots of hope still alive

Her: great, not surprised
excited about ur future :P

Me: I'm quite excited too. why are you so jobless these days?
I can see you still are very particular about following rules, like you even login on fb at a fixed time lol...

Her: haha :D still in the sense? you noticed that about me before? :P Im not jobless I got a job lol
bad sense of humour okay

Me: yeah that has always been your down point :D... but you only said that you had nothing to do so I assumed that you were jobless. Are you still not allowed out of your house without adult supervision? :P

Her: oh shit u remember all stupid things I said :'(
no.. times have changed and... I guess it was always my fault.. I assumed always that I won't be allowed but actually my parents were always willing
I did not have the guts to convince

Me: yes I have pretty good memory of what you said,
but it's great that you have a job now, you can buy me coffee or even better dinner now
I like independent earning people lol

Her: yeah sure :D

Me: but not so fast :D are you on watsapp these days?

Her: what is that supposed to mean? :/
yeah Im there

Me: I mean how can I trust you to take me on a date so fast grin emoticon
What if you took advantage of me lol

Her: wicked humour fine

Me: Don't worry, I get a feeling. (I could be wrong :P), that you are quite trust-worthy, that quality is always appreciated by me
where are you working btw?
Her: that I am :) not working yet.. I'l be joining later

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Sorry for the lengthy convo that you had to go through.
Yes the convo is quite boring and difficult to read, but I guarantee a MHO for it :D


Most Helpful Girl

  • Its too early to tell. Go and have coffee and see how it goes from there then you can ask this question :p

    • yes you are quite right, do you think I should ask her out at this stage or should wait for some time?

    • Maybe you should wait some time before asking her out

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What Girls Said 2

  • She doesn't sound overly keen to me, but I don't know what she's like as a person. She sounds to be friends with you and nothing more at the moment.

    • yeah I thought so too, sorry to make you endure through this lengthy conversation :)

  • Not sensing a whole pile of warmth there, bro.

    • haha yes even I don't feel she is really that into me. Thanks for reading the entire convo

What Guys Said 1

  • This was kind of boring to read tbh :/

    • yeah sorry for that, I think it is quite early to know whether she's into me or not. thanks for enduring through it :D

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