I'm Scared Of My New Girlfriend! Is She Right For Me?

I recently met this new girl that's older than me and is quite strange and not the kind of person I usually befriend.
She's really dark, not like a goth but kind of like a punk. She wears trench coats, boots and sometimes t-shirts. And her jokes are dark too. And she wears black or blood lipstick and has blood red hair.
She's covered in tatoos, ones with dragons, demons, skulls and faces. Which is kind of creepy while trying to sleep next to her. I was shocked the first time she got undressed.

She takes me to all these underground places and tatoo parlers or old pubs. Places I'm not really comfortable in but I go for her.

She said she likes me because I'm innocent and cute, unlike her exes which are all massive punk rock dudes and I'm like a geek type. I really like her but I'm kind of scared of her. She's really kind and I know this is wrong of me but she has an amazing body. And she's like an animal in bed. And I'm very in experienced in that department!

I don't know if she's right for me or if I'm just temporary because she's 20 and I'm 17...


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  • If you're afraid of her and not comfortable with her, then why are you two dating?

    • I'm comfortable with her but only when we're alone, not with her friends or ex's.
      I like her because she's sweet and kind and beautiful. But she's much older than me.

    • If you're uncomfortable with the age gap, I think that's very telling. If you're uncomfortable with the relationship, you shouldn't be together.

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  • Some freaky shit there. Are you like Scott Pilgrim?

    • I don't know who that is? It that that movie with Michael cera?

    • Yeah my homie Michael.

    • I haven't seen it tho. What did you mean by am I like him?

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