Why do I constantly meet flaky guys in dating?

So whether online or in real life I keep coming across flaky guys. At first they're lovely an all into you. Acting like they want to know me. Then they switch if either they don't get sex or I don't follow certain rules that they want a woman to in dating.

Such as as taking pics in bikini an posting on Instagram. It's like if I don't do what they want they leave. Relationship is compromise an understanding. An not control an dominance of another person that's abusive in my opinion.

Met a guy for a date at end of May. He took me to a country park for a walk an on the second date we went for a drive an he gave me flowers so I guess then he thought he had an invitation into my pants as he tried a lot to ask for sex.

He said he had sex month ago an the way he talked about her like oh she's nothing forget her. I was thinking wow if I did sleep with you you would talk about me the same. Which is disgusting an I only see that he would of talked of me in that light when he ended it last Sunday cus I wasn't ready for sex so early when j barely know him.

He says he's not used to waiting for a girl to want sex as he usually gets it straight away. He says in Iran where he's from they have to stick to their own faith an I asked so if your out country? He said oh can do what I want but I think he was only out to sleep with me but couldn't settle with a black girl.

Despite the fact he said he wants to move in with me , open a business, take me out etc. he always seemed to want to go back to his place I said lets go out he didn't want to. He said we will go out soon an that we can have meals, cinema, club as he has it all planned coming soon.

He sold me a dream to try trick me into sex when he failed he ditched me an was rude an mean in texts. Saying good luck etc. I said good luck too he said he don't need it. But he must do as he can't be all that popular with females if he has to lie to try


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  • sounds like you have met a lot of jerks...
    Guys are often flaky and jerks because they are dating for the purpose of sex, but they dont make their intentions clear

    What you need is a man who is looking for companionship

    • Yeah they pretend an give false representation of themselves. Hard to find lol

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    • sigh...
      damn girl, i wish you the best of luck =)

    • Thanks gonna need it , you too 😀

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  • I think you have to learn to be more assertive from the beginning. YOU set the rules, not him. If any guy tries to persuade you into having sex, just turn round and walk away. Don't listen to all the bulls**t they come out with. Actions speak louder than words!!

    A decent guy will wait until you are ready and that will only be when you are 100% sure you can trust him!

    There is one line in what you wrote that says it all. I won't quote it, for fear of some backlash.

    Never get involved with any naughty pics or vids. Take care, stay safe!

    • I let a guy know straightaway if he wants a girl who gives it up easy go find one but they say no don't want that then Begins the trail of deception. Yeah decent guy will be fine I agree. there's no naughty pics lol? Huh

  • Guys have standards just like you, if you just keep looking you'll find someone. If you go with the hottest guys, they'll have lots of women who will have sex early, so of course they're not going to stay with you.

    • Yeah possibly an no thing is the guys I've dated have not been hot type of guys quite average men but not ugly.

  • Too long didn't read.

  • You haven't met the one yet and are just unlucky at the moment
    Don't give up

  • I didn't even read it. My answer is: you're just too mysterious. Happy living, Bruh.

    • It's just a name lol couldn't think of one

    • I briefly scanned through it and let me tell you... yeah, I lied. I didn't. I'll answer it like this: you attract the things you want. Happy living, bruh

    • Lol I'm guessing you haven't read or understood an on this note I will take advice off people who actually know what I'm talking about lol chow

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