I think she doesn't want to commit because of this reason, do you think I'm right?

I think she's afraid to commit for now because I might lose interests in her quickly and that might ruin her? Her past relationships have been shitty and it sounded like she jumped into commitments too quickly.
She did tell me she likes me a lot and her actions prove it very strongly. She always makes time for me, texts me first mostly, sets up future plans, and already introduced me to her families and some close friends. We already made out as well. She does openly mention she might see others but will be most likely one or two dates like always. When I tellher the same thing, she asks questions about them and how I feel toward them.

I made some huge mistakes during the last 1 month of our open relationships. I tried to walk away from her, and kinda talked a lot about my last relationship where I was all happy for weeks and lost interests in my ex. She told me that she's afraid I'm doing the exact same thing to her.


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  • She doesn't want to commit because she is not that interested.


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  • maybe it might b for another reason though... u didn't ask her no?

    • I did but all she said was she's not ready for commitment and want to take things slowly.