What would you do if you had been dating someone for a little while, and then one fine day a mob of priests show up with holy water and crosses?

... And it turns out they firmly believe he/she is the antichrist... And this has been going on for a *while*?

  • get in ranks with the priests and start flicking holy water...
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  • instantly spring into action and run a stake into his/her heart...
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  • pull out your pocket bible, start at mark 16:16, and not stop until kingdom come...
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  • start throwing rocks at the priests... because religeon is stupid...
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  • start throwing rocks at the priests... because you love him/her and dont believe he/she isn't really the antichrist ("I probably would have noticed *that*")
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  • start throwing rocks at the priests... because you want to be on the winning side... 😈
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  • other...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You sure do love your rocks

    • Some are shiny, some are pointy, some are shaped like elvis' head...

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    • But you'd have your shiny, pointy and Elvis shaped rocks for back-up remember

    • But holy water is all burney 'm shit...

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What Girls Said 2

  • Damned if I'm not going to be on the winning side! I might be a poor strategist, but I know THAT much.

  • I voted D.


What Guys Said 2

  • I would instantly jump on gag and ask "what should I do if a mob if Christians are after my babe because they think she's the anti Christ?" And no I'm not high and she is real not an image arise girl friend I say I have to get advice

  • That's a really strange question... GAG becomes more and more weirder every day...

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