What do you think of the guy that had his girlfriend cheat on him so to get her back he publicly humiliated her on radio?

Ok here is the story. His girlfreind cheated on him. So what he did was ring a radio station. They then rang the girl so it was a three way conversation. The guy and the radio station then talked to the girl making her think she was going to be proposed to and then turned it around on her and the guy dumped his girlfriend live on air.

  • They are both in the wrong. She should not have cheated on him but he was also in the wrong for how he handled it.
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  • He is in the wrong, no one should do that even if someone has cheated on you.
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  • Good on him, she only got what she deserved. That will teach her for cheating.
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  • That's taking it a bit far I think

  • Dang I misclicked xD Place a vote from B to A. Cheating sucks simple as that, you made a commitment to someone and broke it, not okay. But what the guy did was not cool, like winning a fight and kicking the other person after they're lying on the ground in pain. Too much and just not right.


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  • Burn her shit and kick her out. She could sue him for slander and win $$$$