He know I like him and I know he likes me, but I kinda play hard to get?

We been friends for a long time... we both won't admit we like each other... we are stubborn. So he told me he was looking at houses and he showed me a couple... he would say things like..."thats your house right there all we need is a fireplace". So he wanted to take me out to dinner because he wanted to tell me some new. He said that he wants to move back where Im at and find a job. I was excited but I didn't want him to give up his internship. So before he took me home... he grabbed my face and kissed me... I was shocked. I didn't kiss back at first but I did tge second time... i was nervous. So two weeks later... i was confused and I also think I was on my period... i was just confused and emotional... and I told him that I regret everything and I dont like him and dont take advantage of my friendship. He said, I will never dream of taking advantage of you and he also said, that im jabbing all this angles. . what does that mean? Now he blocked my number for 5 months... what is wrong with him? He did ask me if I wanted to be more than friend because I do get mad when he doesn't show me much attention and he knows it.. so I dont know if he pushing my bottons... he's 10 years older than me and he's acting like a baby


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  • Owch you crushed him bad. That is not hard to get, that's I'm not interested!


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