How do u no if a guy likes u or just lusts after u?

Me & my boyfriend were talking & i asked him if he liked me & he said yeaa... but the thing is it wasn't genuine. 😒 i feel like my boyfriend doesn't genuinely like me & just keeps me around just to have somebody or just to fufill his selfish sexual desires. Also he always wants to see me in the night , plus he always just makes reference about my body/body parts & nothing about my facial features. So how do i know if a guy actually likes u or just simply lusts after u?


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  • A lot of guys cannot separate lust and love. It's a mix bag because you need the lust to light up the love. You always get guys falling for strippers and most of their contacts are sexual.

    Guys begin to have strong love feelings when he's ready to settle for a family. He would begin to focus on his future with you (he might not tell you that) like career or savings. You will know once he is willing to give up something like pride or dream to stay with you.

    Bottom line, you don't really know. Just like how you cannot tell if that mystery juice you're drinking is colored water with sugar or it has actual fruit in there


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  • The facial features thing doesn't matter in a guy actually liking you. You're learning right now that not everything is genuine. If he really likes you then you'd know. Learn to trust your gut in these situations. A lot of guys are only going to lust after you, you really have to know someone to tell if they like you.


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  • I think it's pretty clear that he pretty much objectifies you. That's not healthy. It gets worse when you start talking back to him.