Analyze my situation !!! My boyfriend loves his twin more than me?

I've been with this guy for over four years and I feel like we have a pretty good relationship except for the fact that I am always second best next to his twin brother. There are other things (he won't give me a cute nickname, etc.) for the most part when we go out he holds my hand sometimes and kisses me in public which is sweet but he seems to always be happier and more lively when he's with his brother or having a convo with him. He Openly told me that his brother will always be the most important person in his life and that their relationship tends to come first above others. Should I be concerned about this type of relationship they share? Is it normal for guys to pick their brothers over their girlfriends? I don't know if I should continue cause he doesn't seem like the type that wants to propose it have kids but he's really sweet to me, just his brothers company always seems to make him happier than mine.

was sitting near my boyfriend at a party yesterday and he was with his brother and a few friends around them and he started talking about his brother's penis being a lot smaller than his😱 I don't know if he was just joking when he made that comment but u guys I'm really scared Their little friend circle started talking about masturbation and orgasms and he mentions his brother "comes really fast" when masturbating and they all laughed but I don't know if he was messing around or not


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  • I have one older sister whom I'm very close with and it'll take a real special lady for me to put her at the same level as my sis. I've known my sister my whole life and she's always been there for me and is my best friend. She's not even my twin. All the twins I've known were super close, they basically have the same genes. I don't think there is a bond stronger than what twins can have. I really don't think he's out of bounds at all.


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  • Just listen to yourself right now.

    How would you feel if your boyfriend was jealous of your relationship with your sister?

    That's his BROTHER. His twin brother, too. They were born together. They grew up together. They know each other better than anyone knows them. They were close before you came along, and they'll still be close if or when you leave.

    Unless you did shit with his twin, but I'm sure you know better than to do that.

  • mine are two little half-brothers. not really emotionally connected with them that way. something about his life made him that way, i dont know.

  • It's family.

  • Nah not a big deal unless he starts doing that thing you like to him.


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  • They are brothers... I know I'd put my brothers before my boyfriend (depending on the situation, of course. There are some exceptions). If so many little things bother you, you should talk to him about it. Those are simple fixes as far as I can figure. As for his brother, bring this to his attention but don't make a big deal about it. Just let them be brothers and don't interfere.

    • I have but they're both stubborn ๐Ÿ˜‚ he puts his foot down in conversation and is always like "he's like my soulmate and he'll always be out first" it just irks me abit but I don't know how. I have a brother I love but not to that extent

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    • A couple times over the years and I approached the topic very slowly and subtly but he so crazy about his twin. It's sweet that he has someone that makes him so happy and I know probably so ridiculous for being jealous that it's not me. i could be sitting at the dinner table feeling like crap and he wouldn't notcie because he's so into conversation with his brother

    • Tell him that last sentence. Tell him how you feel left out and that you think, as his girlfriend, you deserve some more attention from him.

  • Jeez, no wonder you aren't the most important person in his life!! How he puts up with your neediness is beyond me. You're seriously jealous because he loves his twin brother, who is his flesh and blood and who he has known his ENTIRE life, more than you? Pathetic.

    And you're upset because he hasn't given you a "cute nickname?" Well, that just puts the icing on the cake and proves how needy (not to mention immature) you are. Grow the hell up.

    • It is strange to me to have such an infatuation with ones sibling. growing up affection wasn't neccessarily shown in my family so it is odd to me that he is so open about his exceeding love for his brother. i don't know how twin minds work... I've been told by other twins that their relationship is a bit much so I'm a bit weary

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