Are Spanish guys are good to date?

I'm aussie girl here, used to guys who are australians... lol. recently moved to USA. learned a thing or two, especially about religion. Aussies dont do big religions. so its gonna be interesting for me here to date American or Spanish guy etc. I should be okay? I dont like hard core religious people who take everything seriously like sex or drinking and then preach to me, my family or around us.
This guy is a gymnastics coach. just graduated high school. He's nice gentlemen. funny, smart and respectful male.
How do i approach him?
Spanish are good for sex only or husband etc?

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  • Spanish guy's family are what you need to check out first
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  • Find a different Background guy
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  • I know a Spanish person on this site he's really handsome and he loves America and he wants a girlfriend soon. He looks smart and easy going and not religious.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Depends on the area you're talking about because local culture dictates this.

  • As with dating anyone, you learn about their family over time. As a Puerto Rican guy I'm going to speak on the half of most hispanics in saying that it is as hard as you and him make it.

  • Wow. That's all I have to say to ya m8.

  • This sounds like pre-selection to me. (rolls eyes)


What Girls Said 1

  • THE FAMILY!!!-Beware of MOM!

    • Awe man. I thought my mother would be worse. What kind of they? In your experience?

    • Like almost any other mother but a little more protective over their son-they think you are not capable enough to take care of their "baby" as much as they do.

    • Ah yeah