Would you date someone who has HPV?

I will always be honest and will never hide this from someone or have sex without their knowledge of this hence i have gone two years without sex since i found out.

I wanna start dating again, but being so depressed over this I never allowed myself hope for love or a family or sex. Like it kills me, I am heartbroken still. Like should I tell a person on the first date or the third date?
How would you take it if a woman told you the truth and what its about , etc. ?


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  • Having done extensive research on this topic from the NIH, CDC, WHO and several other peer reviewed journal articles, I would not date someone with HPV. There is not a cure for it and it can be passed along to a partner. There is currently no test for a man. Even though it can lay dormant for long periods you are never fully cured from it and will always be something that you can pass on to a partner. The current test approved for women only covers some of the numerous types of HPV. The same goes for the vaccination, it does not cover all types/strains of HPV.

    • I think if you tell a partner up front there is a good chance that he will accept you for regardless. I know it is a dea breaker for me personally but I know numerous guys that do not consider it a deal breaker. I am very sorry this happened to you. I wish you all the best and hope you find someone who you can have a family with. I would suggest telling him before the end of the third date. The sooner probably the better.

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    • But thank you for MHO I really appreciate it.

    • Your welcome you deserve it , yea I now saw your message. I like your pro pic lol

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  • I just read about it and its very common. About three million new cases a year. I'm sure you've researched everything about it including how to have safe sex. To answer your question no it wouldn't stop me from dating or even marrying if we loved each other enough

  • Have you had it checked our treated since you got it? You do not have to tell them right away on the first date, but before you get intimate for sure. Have not had to actually think about this, but if I felt strongly enough about the girl I would say yeah I would date her

  • I'll be honest, I would not. That stuff can develop into cancer and can be contagious. Also when I date a girl, it's because I intend on one day marrying her and starting a family with her, and I wouldn't want my kids to be born with it.

    But I'm sure you'll be able to find someone who would be accepting of it. You may not be able to have kids of your own, but you can always adopt if you want to have a family.

    • You clearly haven't read about HPV, but i guess its coming from a guys point of view who doesn't know all the facts. I can still have kids, i would get a C-Section.

    • Sorry, I didn't write it all out. I meant to include "without the possibility of them getting it too".

    • But I heard that the chance of that happening is minimal.

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  • I would say something on the first date. HPV isn't as bad as other things so it shouldn't be a complete deal breaker if the person is mature.