Guys: How interested is he in a relationship with me?

We met online about a month ago. And since then we've been on 5 dates. Almost 1 per week (2 were during the weeknighs and 3 were during the weekend). He started out texting me once every 2 or 3 days and then almost daily or every other day. He travels often for work and so we see each other when he is back from work travel. This week, we met up on Thurs for dinner but he is around all weekend and told me that he will be seeing his friends.

I am a bit skeptical if he wants to have a relationship with me. I only see him once a week and he only texts? Should I ask him to pick up the phone and call me? I feel like 4 weeks of texting is a bit ridiculous. Guys- what can I do to see how interested he is in me? Please help!


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  • Yes its OK to tell him to call you. If you want to know how he feels about your relationship just ask him

    • Thanks. I think the next time he texts me, I will ask him to call me. His answer will say a lot. Also, 1 date a week. What are your thoughts on that? Do you think he is being careful/cautious in the early stages or that's what he considers a relationship? He told me one time that he doesn't need to see the girl he is with everyday.

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    • Really? He has been initiating contact and asking me out on dates. I figured that if he wanted to call me or be exclusive with me, he would initiate that too, but he hasn't

    • I don't think its ever wrong to tell someone how you feel and I think its OK to ask someone how they feel

  • Anyone who only texts you for FOUR weeks, then spends his rare free weekend time with the guys, is obviously not worth your time or emotions. I would move on and stop wasting my precious time, life, and affections.


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