Girls, this is directed more to Arabic women, but how can I date an Arabic woman?

I was born and raised in the United States, so I've been surrounded in the American culture all my life.

Anyway at work there is a new girl, she is Egyptian and their culture is totally different from what I hear. It sounds silly but I was attracted to her from the first moment I saw her. From the times I talk to her she is very quiet and shy, but so beautiful, a great attitude with so much to like. She's only been in the United States for a few months.

I work with other Egyptian guys and they tell me not to even think about trying to date or get too invloved with her because it won't amount to anything since our cultures are so different. I was told that if I ever do go on a date with her, that people in her surrounding family won't look at her the same way again. The worst thing is that her dad works in our same company and apparently he is very over protective.

Should I try to pursue her, and how should I go about doing it? I know I have nothing to lose if I try but I also don't want to mess up her family relationship.


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  • As an Egyptian girl myself, I gotta tell you that this is no easy feat. Arab families want nothing but the best for their daughters. First of all, our culture forbids dating as it is known in America. What we do is probably considered courting. Their standards are really high. Also, I've heard that girls who marry foreigners tend to get harassed by the older generation for being prostitutes.

    That being said, it depends on where she grew up. As an Egyptian who grew up in the west, my family is totally cool with me marrying a non-arab as long as we have the same religious beliefs (and he lives up to my standards). Considering that fact that she has only been in America for a few months, you may not be very compatible due to culture clash.

    If you're desperate, talk to her dad about it. If you approach the girl directly it's considered disrespectful. Tell him that you're interested in her and would like to get to know her better. If you don't think you'll be ready for a long term commitment, don't try or else you'll be black listed.


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  • If she's muslim, dating her will be nearly impossible. Even if she's lenient, it won't work in the end. Their religion has a strict rule that muslim girls can only marry muslim guys.

  • If she is religious, it won't workout.

    I say move on.

  • You can't unless you're Arab