Will this work? Short- long distance? Ex girlfriend shows up?

I'll make this as short as possible. So me and this girl dated my sophomore year of high school. She broke up with me after a few weeks and gave me a lame excuse why. But the truth was that she was moving after the school year and later admitted to a friend was becuase she didn't want to get to attached to someone right before she had to move. She was also my first kiss. Now I have a girlfriend (a different girl) and we have been dating for a few months. But the girl who was my first kiss visited my hometown recently and we hung out a little bit before she had to leave again. It was obvious we both had feelings for each other. And now we text a lot and send pictures to each other on a daily basis. We confessed we both like eachother and want to to become possibly more. But the closest we will live to each other is a thuasand miles or so. Me and my current girlfriend will most likely break up soon due to both of us moving. Plus after I met my old girlfriend again all the feeling I had for her rushed back to me and I'm just not emotionally there with my current girlfriend anymore. I feel really bad for my current girlfriend and I don't want to hurt her feelings. But what I'm wondering is how do I progress my friendship/ relationship with the other girl who lives far away from me? I know we will be able to visit each other on breaks and stuff but will that be enough? Do you have any experiences in this situation. It feels so complicated and I just want to do the right thing while following my heart. We might be able to live close/ with each other after 2 years.


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  • is she single right now?

    • The ex girlfriend is ya. I should have given them fake names would have made it easier.

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    • Sure it's better... hope she won 't feel hurt at least

    • Ya I hope so to. She doesn't know I have feelings for my ex. Not to sure if I mentioned that or of it was self explanatory.

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