How do I handle this?

this girl and I were dating and we were happy I never got alone with someone better then her. The other night she tells me her moms picking her up from work and I didn't talk to her again that night so the next day my ex was friends with her friend Joey and my ex saw my girl post on his Facebook happy birthday baby and she confronted her asking if they are dating and my girl now said yes we're talking but I dunno how serious it is I slept at his place the other night then my ex sent me the message and I confronted my new girl and broke it up with her and she was like it wasn't like that I only told her we were talking so that she wouldn't talk to him cause he's an asshole I didn't want her getting hurt and now I'm done with the relationship but I think about her lot and miss her but I know she's not trustworthy what should I do


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  • If you can't trust her you gotta move on.


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