"There's too much on my plate" = Just an excuse to say nvm, I lost interest?

My best friend is a year older than me, and currently a freshman in college. I was hanging out with her after school one day, since she had some time to kill before meeting up with her college friends in the evening. Her friends ended up arriving way earlier than expected, so they came over to the cafe we were at, and my bestie introduced them to me.

After we talked for a bit and eventually split up, she told me later in the evening that one of the guys thought I was really cute. I started hanging out with this guy a couple times afterwards, and a couple weeks later he asked me out.

Everything seemed to be going great, and all his friends at college were saying that he was really into me. But 2-3weeks into the "relationship", he suddenly messaged me and said that he wanted to stay as friends. We hadn't talked for a couple days since we were both super busy, and I didn't bother him since I knew he was busy with midterms and work. He said that there was too much on his plate right now for a relationship - college, work, family stuff. That he didn't want to do a half-assed job as a boyfriend - though I feel like asking someone out, then not being confident enough to pull through with it a couple weeks later, is much more half-assed than at least trying to make it work. I talked to his friends and they said, "he got too caught up and into you, that by the time he realized he wasn't ready for a relationship, it was too late"

To be honest, i just don't understand where all of this suddenly came from. we were so into each other and then all of a sudden, it's like i was talking to a different person. now that i already see him as way more than just a friend, he's like, oh nvm, scratch that. and i'm just left trying to undo the way i feel for him. i just miss him so so much. what can i do to make him regret dropping me like that? is there anything i could possibly do to get him back? i feel so pathetic to cling on to him though i know i should just move on, but i can't. two perfectly nice guys have asked me out since we broke up, but i rejected both of them, because i still want to be with him.


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  • Its better if you move on


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  • I consider it an excuse as well.