Do you believe in unfinished business?

Like if you almost had someone that you wanted, whether as a boyfriend/girlfriend, just to have sex with at least once after it almost happening, whatever?
I've been seeing this guy for a few months. I wanted to take it slow but I've been ready to sleep with him for about a month but he won't make it happen! And trust me I've been forward, like reallyyyy forward lol
he's a busy guy, I get that, and he's regretted not taking a chance a few times but I'm sick of it now.
I just messaged him and said maybe we're better off as friends.
Is almost situations with someone you want things that people think about? I care about him a lot and I'm really attracted to him, so being with him at least once would have been nice. Would be nice if he at least felt the same way


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  • I believe in nothing of the sort.

    • You wouldn't be disappointed/regret that you didn't take the chance?

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