How to make myself interesting enough for this guy to ask me out?

So i currently on a dating app because i dont really meet new people and i want to start dating a bit. I actually matced with this russian guy and wasn't necessarly that super good looking guy. And to be honest i think thats the reason i didn't really message him, even when i found him a bit attractive.

3 days had gone and still no message from him, but i matched with a phycially "perfect" guy, he was tall, really cute, a personal trainer etc He wa really nice too, but the distance between us was quite big. I also matched with another really hot guy, he actually lived in my area, but he didn't come off as that interesting and i kinda lost interest.

But today the russian guy messaged me and he comes off as a really genuine nice and interesting guy. It kinda made me realise that looks really isn't everything... Yeah, i found the russian guy kinda attractive, but i was way more interested in the really hot guys rather then him to being with. I always thought i wasn't that shallow, but i guess i am lol..

Anyway, i dont want to mess this up by either comming off as uninteresting or boring etc. So advice on how to keep him interested... he really is interesting, and we have a lot of in common.


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  • better stick wid da russian dude... anyway... if he's interested as well u can ask him out safely i believe


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