Please help! Urgent! What happened here? Can I save it?

For a bit of history check this question:

last weekend this couple I had never seen with him before started texting me calling me rude names and saying I wasn't good enough for him that he wasn't interested and snapchatting me and called me yelling. In the morning they said they found his cell at the bar and didn't know him that night they were out with him and he was all over some little blonde girl but when he saw me he kind of shifting his dancing so he was dancing beside her. I just turned away sad. The girl from the couple kept laughing at me and making it so I'd look over at him. I didn't cause a scene. I came danced by them with my girls but when he and I made eye contact he dropped his eyes really quick. I danced with a few of my guy friends and kissed them my guy left the dance floor. He was sitting and talking to the blonde girl and I had to walk by them for water when I did he stopped talking and watched me both ways. I had to go through a group of football guys (I cheerlead) they recognized me and all flirted some hugged me I danced with a few. Others held me at arms length checking me out my guy watched stunned.

The girl from the couple was mad my guy was watching so she made them leave. My fave bouncer said my guy left quickly and he didn't see the blonde with him.
My friend wanted a football player sonwe went back to the team party I took a pic of all the guys and me sent it to him. I also texted him saying not cool you could have just told me you didn't want me instead of getting your friends to be rude. Later I apologized for being too intense. Still no reply.

I've decided to not message him unless he does first until Canada day in the meantime I've been training more at the gym and dieting as well as keeping myself busy. Except I stay away from the bar cause it hurts to see him out with girls but I stay home and imagine the worst I just want him so bad! How do I get him to talk again? Can I fix this?

A couple weeks ago before this thing with the other girl happened he and I got flirty on snapchat and then we sexted but halfway through his neighbour got into a bad fight outside his balcony and he went to look and got pulled in as a witness he apologized in the morning then never texted me again he went up to my friends at the bar (I had stayed home) and he bought them all drinks told them he really liked me and still wanted to take me on a date
He also spent that night with my guy friend and my guy friend texted me in the morning saying he really likes you trust me. Then all this craziness happened with him all over the blonde girl last weekend. I'm so confused why lie to my friends one week then go and be all over some other girl the next weekend


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  • Why do you want to save this? It sounds like both of you are playing games with each other. If you both really like each other then you should only be with each other.

    • I would only be with him, I dunno my friends said it would be good that he sees me dancing with other guys instead of me leaving. I wanted to just leave but I took their advice

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    • It could help, but do not give too much time or he could just move on

    • I just don't want to pester him

  • So, what did you wind up doing?


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  • Why would you want to? is my question. Do you seriously want to get involved with these silly kinds of games or would you like to have a guy that's into YOU and you only? I mean, he isn't responding to you and from what you wrote, he didn't bother to say goodbye or anything.

    From my experience, if a man wants you he'll show it in his actions. Ask yourself, Does is actions tell you that he wants more with you? There are so many guys out there that make there intentions know and won't leave you playing the guessing game. Actions always speak louder than words, whether it's a male or female. Who knows, maybe if you take a step back, he'll come running after you.

    Personally, I'd say "On to the next one", I don't like playing games and NO man is worth all this aggravation and confusion. Good luck :)

    • Thank you very much! I really appreciate your oppinion :) I have been keeping open and talking to other guys but they just aren't him I can't explain it but I really feel for him. I just hope he'll come back

    • I sincerely hope everything works out for you the way you hope them to, but don't let it get you down if it doesn't.

    • Thank you, you are super sweet I really hope good things happen in your life :)

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