How do men usually show they like another woman?

It's a simple question, please answer honestly (:

  • Waiting for her to text/call first & reply asap
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  • Tell their friends about it, but not necessarily show
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  • Try to contact her ALL the time
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  • Ask her out constantly, usually not waiting for her to ask first
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  • They want to know if the feeling's mutual- so they wait
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This person knows I like him.. It's nothing new. If he knows, and he isn't making a move, doesn't that 'hint' that he's not interested?


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  • After I voted (I picked E by the way) I went and read a couple of your previous questions, as they are all about the same person/situation, I thought I'd tell you about my situation.

    I recently became friends with a fantastic woman, we got along really well. She talked about everything, nothing seemed out of bounds and gave me advice about the woman I had recently started dating.

    I was attracted to my friend from the first moment I saw her, but I didn't think anything would happen with it so when we started becoming friendly my attraction didn't come into it. We started hanging out and talking. Then one day as we were having lunch together she became squirmy and hesitant to speak. Then she blurted out that she had feelings for me and wanted to know if I would consider her girlfriend material if things didn't work out with the woman I was dating. She quickly explained that she didn't want anything to ruin the friendship we had as that was too important to her and that I should just be honest.

    That night I broke it off with the woman I had been dating and started seeing my friend.

    My advice is to be honest with your friend, even if he doesn't feel the same, at least you'll know where you stand. Ignorance isn't always bliss.

    Good luck

    • Thank you! That was actually really refreshing, and it felt good to read(: Glad you found the right place as well

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  • Ill go out of my way to talk to her,some flirting and teasing. Try to see if she has any interest. Other times Ill run in the opposite direction and hide in a fort I made from pillows.

  • Depends on the guy..

    I tend to tease her more than others.

    Interact with her, through talking or just hanging out.

    Ask her questions regarding her interests.

    Basically be kind. Drive her places, or better yet, invite her places, offer help when it seems she needs help.

    Compliment her looks, shows that I notice her.

    I think that's it for me


    • To Update:

      If he's not asking you out, after he k"knows" you like him, and you've been making advances. It's highly likely that he doesn't see you as more than afriend.

      The only other alternative is that he doesn't want to get into a relationship and possibly risk your friendship if something goes wrong.

      There's a third possiblility but I doubt it's the one

  • There are as many ways to show attraction as there are guys.

    By "another woman" do you mean a new woman or "another woman"?


    • Not "another" like a cheating man to another woman, but a single guy. I'm asking this because I like a guy, a lot, and I don't know how to see if he likes me back. It's a very complicated story..

  • if they hit you up via text or call at least once a day with oh hi just wanted to say hi kind of thing like for no reason that means they want you trust me guys don't wana seem desperate so they will text you once to start a convo like hey was thinking about you thought id say hi see how you are anything like that ur in

  • could be our uncontrollable need to notice a hot girl, or were all just pigs, but you girls are delicious and we sometimes show it more than we should.

  • None of these things.

    I flirt, get (more) sexual, engage in kino (physical touching touching), laugh/smile at her more, tease her more.

  • I'd wait, because I'm uncertain whether she likes me or not.

  • the poll is probably going to be a bit off. because I would do A,C,maybe D, and E sooo


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