He teases me in front of our other friends and we have deep conversations. What would you do in my place?

There's so much that has has happened with my best friend. For starters, I've liked him for about 5 years now, haven't been able to make these feelings go away. In 2012, I was cornered to tell him I liked him, but I told him I wasn't expecting anything and I knew he had a girlfriend so he didn't have to worry about me At the time he was in a long distance relationship for about 2 years, they started dating then 2 weeks later he moved, they hadn't seen each other since. His girlfriend threw a fit after he told her what I had told him and kinda deleted me off of her fb he had deleted his fb so he couldn't see what she posted, but let's just say it wasn't pretty Anyways, later on that year he told me he liked me too but that he had a girlfriend and he was sorry he couldn't reciprocate. Now time has passed and he told me his ex told him in 2012 that she liked someone else Anyways in 2014 he moved to see his now ex only to find her always holding another guys hand and sleepying in the same bed with another guy who was supposively her best friend, and all the time he was there she ignored him for the other guy They broke up in August. Now we have been hanging out and she started texting him again. She started dating the other guy but told my friend that if it were up to her she would be forever alone. He asked me for advice, but I didn't know what to say He also told me that she cuts herself and that's one of the reasons they broke up because he told her dad and she had always threatened to break up if he did From the minimal details I have heard she was abusive with him throughout the majority of the relationship He also told me he still thinks about her, because he would like to help but not get back Not sure if any of this is relevant to the following but we are hanging out pretty much everyday he has off with a group of friends. He always tries sitting next to me and is always flirting with me. He teases me in front of our other friends and we have deep conversations.


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  • I'd advise you to stop living your life revolved around him. No one deserves that sort of power. During this period of time, were you ever interested in anyone else?

    • No :/

    • My life isn't revolved around him. I focus mainly on my studies more than anything. I tend to do my own thing. Its just lately I feel like he may feel the same for me that I do for him, but I also know he still has feelings for his ex. I know he won't act on his feelings for his ex, but the fact that they still talk always bums me out, especially after everything she did to him. I just don't want him to get hurt.

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  • he broke up wid her coz she was cuttin herself? wasn't he supposed 2 help her?

    • No she broke up with him because he tried to help her by telling her dad. They had problems though because she was cheating on him during their whole relationship, and the one time he went to visit she ignored him completely for the other dude.

    • that's bad for her then... someone should tell her 2 stop i believe...

    • They have. I think she does it mainly for attention. But like I said she is abusive and I don't want my best friend to get hurt.

  • he was clear wsn't he? he wants 2 get back 2 her... no?

    • He told me he wants to help, but not get back with her.

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  • My guy friend does the same thing... teasing in a group and deep conversations if we're alone. Id advise you to give him some space since he's dealing with an ex, but also you can tease him back so he knows you're interested if he wants to date you.

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