What should I do with my situation?

I am 24 old single... I am reserve kind of guy... Shy nature... I have almost missed every opportunity in my life when it comes to relationship with a girl... I am just feed up of myself...
Whenever i found some girl is interested in me and i decide to talk to her i suck... i just can't start conversation with any girl... And trust me there are many girls in life right now i think they are interested in me but i am still not able too start talking to them... I am not so shy around them but whenever i get any opportunity to talk i just can't... I just dont understand what to say and how to say


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  • Join the PUA.

    First tip for conversation: Use a pickup line.

    "How about you and me get out of these wet clothes and into a dry martini?"

    Next time it's raining try it. There! Now you know a little bit about talking to girls. You can build on that.


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  • You should better yourself and you should stop finding excuses by constantly saying "I am shy".


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  • is it posible 2 swallow yer shyness somehow? i'd assume it'd b better 2 give it a chance and accept rejection...