What could have gone wrong with this girl I went on two dates with? If she flakes again I will just drop it but did I screw up somewhere?

We had a great time together, she thanks me for the time and such. She even suggested the second date at first even if I had to ask her! After both she gave me very long hugs, took it as good. She was ok with my advances; Stroking her hair gently touching her arm etc and telling her how much I like spending time together. She also seemed a bit nervous in the date yet managed to talk a lot! She said see you this weekend, since we were both going to this event. Back home I text her good night and she said thanks for everything😊😊😊😊. She always expressed herself using lots of that smiley, which I took as good given how many she uses when talking to me, especially after compliments.

Date 3, I told her and said she would love to, just that she would be busy with this project so let her know when so she can get organized. Next day I said lets go tommorrow, said shed be busy with the project, how about next day and said it would take a while, and did not offer a day when she would be able, at which point I dropped it and told her lemme know. She also didn't talk as much as before; She had always talked a lot, long answers and questions so there was at least some attraction before and after. We even planned to do lots of things together both before and during our dates. One red flag is she never texted first, yet when I talked to her she would send these photos/images she conviniently forgot to send earlier! But I know some girls simply never text first so I was ok with it

Did she feel I was just including her in my plan of the third date instead of being a date? Or wanted me to keep insisting even when she told me two days when she wouldn't be able? I did straight up said i wanted to take her out again! Couldn't have been expecting me to take her out that next day right? Or perhaps that I didn't talk to her much the day after our last date and in the event we both went to and neither paid much attention to each other? I did tell her I was excited to see her that day!

she's also a friend and I know that can complicate things/feelings, and in some time she's leaving for a year abroad so perhaps she doesn't want to get hurt/involved/miss while she's gone I dunno
Right now Im tempted to just pick up the phone and invite her out to one of the many things we had planed for. We both rarely go out a lot. I do know I will have to be firmer this time, as in not just including her in a plan but: want to go out with me/want to go eat with me. Im bad at that but oh well


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  • I think you should drop it.


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  • Did you try to kiss her? I think you should have kissed her dude.

    • .. no. Was planning on doing that the third date, felt a bit rushed then. Can that seriously be a deal breaker?

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    • So I talked to her, after some bantering told her about doing something later tonight; she's doing something already but if she can after that she'll let me know. If she doesn't, I just drop it right? Though I won't be able to get off my mind the fact she just might be tired after already been somewhere tonight...

    • She doesn't sound interested. Sorry

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