You ever met someone who looked better than in their pictures on a dating site?

So it's pretty common for women to use misleading pictures on dating sites, from my experience, but have you ever met someone who actually looked better in person?

I have once. I met up with this girl off okcupid and her photos were just ok and then when I met her in person she ended up looking a lot better which rarely happens. So it's almost like I was misled in a good way whereas a lot of times girls ended up being fatter in person.

I'm not trying to sound shallow because I did like said girl and we shared many common interests, I was just surprised and considered it a bonus when she looked better in person. On the flip side of that, I'm not fat shaming the girls with misleading pictures because there have been girls who were a little chubby and mentioned it on their dating profiles, I just knew what I was getting into prior to the date.


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  • People tell me I look better in person but that's because I'm not good at selfies.

    • Yeah some people just aren't photogenic. I haven't taken a selfie in awhile though I should probably take a newer one for my dating profile. Not that I have anything to hide but my beard is now more full grown.

    • Oh, when other people take pictures of me I look like a goddess. I am totally incapable of taking selfies.

    • Yeah it depends for me I guess with others taking pictures. All depends if I'm ready

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  • I met a guy who looked a lot different to his pictures, but to be honest we all tend to upload our best pictures. We don't want someone to stumble across our ugly pictures and for that to be the first impression lol. That being said I know what you mean, some people take advantage of certain angles to make themselves look more appealing. It's just one of those things, you could Skype them before meeting up.

  • I met this guy on OMGPop who used some random tumblr guys pic. When I finally skyped him, dude was so freakin fine! I was like bra whats with the fake pic then?

    On Meetme, I skyped this guy in my state who I thought was a fake. Lord have mercy he was real and beautiful! But, I turned him down cause we lived too far apart. Slap me silly!

    My friend is dating a guy who she met off Okcupid. That dude actually looked better in the picture! In person, he looks liek a lazy hamster (teeth and all). Yet, she's been with him for two years now. She said "the sex is good"... Smh


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  • actually u can tell if a pic's photoshoped or not bro... but generally we look worse in pics (no filters/photoshop)

  • I never met a girl that looked better, but I have met plenty who look worse in person

    • There have been sometimes where the girl looks exactly the same as her pictures which there's nothing wrong with.

      But yeah generally, people tend to look worse in person. That being said, there's a difference between trying to look your best and misrepresenting yourself. If I had a dollar everytime a girl was much fatter than her pictures, I'd be a millionaire. It's like they're catfishing you in a way.

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    • I definitely agree with some girls being a lot fatter in person. It is quite impressive how some fat girls can mask their thickness through pictures

    • it's simple, mugshots only or MySpace angle

      Without sounding hypocritical, there's being thick and curvy and then there's fat. Some fat girls tend to hide behind the word curvy.

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