What made you fall in love with your SO?

  • They were attractive to me.
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  • They were an overall great person (good looks, smart, funny, etc..)
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  • I'm not sure, it was love at first sight.
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  • Other: (Please elaborate).
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  • She had an incredible personality that got my attention and never lost it. She still has that amazing personality 18 years later. A little more grey in her hair and a little less spring in her step than she used too have but that's all cool cuz she knows I still love her and that's all that matters


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  • They were goofy like me so thats where I fell. I wasn't even into his looks at first. He appeared lanky to me and his lips were too juicy for my taste. As we began to date, I noticed he wasn't goofy but instead immature. However, he was a good kisser and dont let the clothes fool you! He was far from lanky and had a nice abbed body underneath lol

  • Honestly I have no idea why we were dating. He asked me out and I was just like "Aww sure!".

  • When I find them I'll let you know 👍