When you're dating a guy for six months and he disappears. What's the deal?

I recently moved to a new state. I met this guy and we have been texting everyday since December and had a couple of dates. He was super supportive, kind, and loving, we decided not to date other people. He always told me how he thought I was smart, Kind, funny and beautiful. It was all the things leading to a relationship and we were close. So last Saturday we finally slept together, after showing me a lot of affection the next afternoon he left... Then deleted me off everything, and has ignored me since, like the dude has disappeared and cancelled me out with no explanation? Maybe this is a thing southern guys do? What am I supposed to think?


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  • you still didn't figure it out yet

    he got what he needed from you, which was his intention all the time

    some players play it fast and some do it real slow

    • Why would he ask me not to see other guys and and talk about his personal things, it's too much effort over six months of dating.
      He could get laid anywhere

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    • This has got my head in a mess, because now I can't tell if someone is genuine or not.
      A girlfriend said maybe his feeling scared him and he's done the guy thing and bounced. Why would he go so far as to unfollowed my twitter, delete my Facebook etc it's not like I tweet him all the time.

    • he is getting rid of you, all you can do is just take it as lesson and move on with life, i know shit happens , it happens to everyone of us

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  • He just wanted to have access to you that's all of perhaps he felt bad after that.

    • He initiated it all telling me he had strong feelings, I held back this is so weird.

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    • Sometimes the bad boys wanna be good but along the way gives up and get back to their old self. It's good to know you are a strong girl move on and don't say all guys are the same.

    • It made me not wanna trust another guy. But that's cool, I got a lot else in my life I don't depend on other people to make me happy. I'm just hurtin. Your comment was nice though thanks

  • Damn it's like witholding sex to have a guy ''prove'' how much he likes you doesn't really mean anything

    • It wasn't to make him prove anything. It was for me to get to know him and figure out if he's the kind of Man I would trust with that kind of intimacy.

    • Welp I guess next time you'll have to make the guy wait a year

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  • It's not just a southern guy thing, it's an uncompassionate act from both sexes but u mostly see it from males (from anywhere). I'm greatly sorry u got played. I'm hurting for u. No one deserves that kind of treatment.

    My stepdad taught me that after the first six months of a date, you should learn a lot about that person. Good or bad.

    • Also, i feel in my gut that there's a 5% chance he just got scared... I'm not losing all hope on him tbh, but i say be careful. Try to occupy yourself with other things for now.

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    • Thanks girl
      Now I'm never gonna know if a dudes playing me. Don't wanna get to know another guy.
      Your comments are sweet x

    • Awww not a problem <3 <3
      I say go with your gut instincts and don't try to lie to yourself. If you have a close relationship with God, ask Him for guidance (never patience cuz crazy things happen Lol) and spiritual insight to your future man. One that will completely and truly love u from the depths of his heart and also believes in God.
      If u ever need to talk or pray about anything , I'm here for u. My phone is usually on me 95% of the time and I'm a fast texter. :)

  • Sorry to hear that. He clearly just wanted to have sex with you. He just sounds like a bad egg to be honest. You said he could get laid anywhere, which is probably true but for some reason he wanted to sleep with you and I guess he wanted to know that you weren't sleeping with anyone else. This is kind of sad and worrying as I always like to wait it out and I'd dread for something like this to happen. If you want closure then maybe you should try and call him. If he doesn't respond then keep it moving, he is an idiot.

    • He didn't respond and I'm not tryna boost his ego by trying more. I'm hurting a lot but damned if he gets the satisfaction of knowing it.

    • :( I hear you. Sorry girl, I hope one day he gets a taste of his own medicine. Karma is a bitch anyway so he will get his.

    • It's scary how he put all the effort in guys a fuckin good actor