Girls don't like jerks, they like popular guys?

So many guys say girls like jerks, but I've never noticed that, it's that girls like popular guys, only popular guys, even unpopular girls will go for the popular guy. If a guy is a jerk and popular the girl will like her, if he's nice and popular the girl will like her, all that matter is popularity. Since unpopular guys often times don't like popular guys (reasonable) they usually view them as jerks. In other words, if a guy's popular he can get any girl he wants, ever, if a guy is unpopular, well, then no one loves you, at all, maybe you're mother does but no other girl/woman will ever love you, so, there's no point in pretending otherwise. It's harsh, but true.


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  • Most people like confident people. In high school, the confident people tend to be popular and well liked.

    • I hate confident people.

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    • As someone with an anxiety disorder, I would never say that helping people who need it isn't worthwhile. However, I'm not going to date someone with zero self-worth. I have my own shit to take care of, and I don't need to carry someone else's as well. I'm also not going to hate someone just because they are confident in themselves.

      By the same token, I can't fix anyone's insecurities for them. They have to do that on their own by believing in their own worth as a human. If the only way they can feel good about themselves as people is by someone else propping them up, that's not healthy behaviour.

    • If I grind don't someone's self esteem every day, how can they expected to have confidence and self-worth? Believe it or not, people can't really choose what they think or how they feel, I can't get out of depression by choosing not to be depressed, and, biologically, you're brain chooses your emotional and mental responses to given things before you're even aware of your response. That's not a platitude, that's an actual fact.

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  • I dont want a jerk and I definitely dont won't some popular guy who all the girls vye for #Competition

    • Im more into the loner type who is cute but he brushes off most girls and would only pay attention to one

  • Soo immature.


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  • girls like guys who can bullshit them

  • Girls like guys with status in general, be it financial, social or otherwise.